Baby Driver! As good as they say or overhyped?


Baby Driver is a fun original movie that will take you on a thrill ride and have you dancing through the action. This movie follows a young man named Baby, who is a getaway driver for a crime organization. He quickly realizes this isn’t the life he wants to live and he has to find a way to get out. I was anticipating watching this movie because of all the hype and good word of mouth. Well I finally watched it and it didn’t disappoint! This is a great movie. Ansel Elgort is fantastic in this movie. I’ve liked pretty much all of his performances that I’ve seen of his so I knew he would be good, but he blew me away in this movie!
I like Jamie Foxx’s performance, but I did not like his character. His character was a little too over the top for my liking but Jamie Foxx was great!
I adore Jon Hamm in this movie! His character is sweet and funny in the beginning but does turn towards the end!
I also love Jon Bernthal but he is not in this movie enough at all, which was very disappointing!
I love to see an original idea on the movie screen. Now don’t get me wrong I am okay with people remaking movies, retelling old stories in a new way, or even adding on to old stories, but it’s special to see something that’s never been done before.
I absolutely LOVED the way that Edgar Wright used music in this movie! It was like the music was another character.
I definitely recommend this movie to everyone! It will not let you down! Overall I do give this movie a 9 out of 10. There were a couple of story points that I felt could’ve been elaborated on more so that’s why I didn’t give it an 10 out of 10, but still please go see this movie!

I did hear that the studio wants Edgar to write a sequel but I don’t know how I feel about that. I really hope that they just let this be what it is and not turn it into a franchise that might end up ruining it. Who knows though they might make a sequel and it’s brilliant. We’ll have to wait and see. Do you want to see more to this story? Let me know in the comments below. Thank you!


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