Sasha Banks should be the face of the Women’s Division!


Sasha Banks is my favorite wrestler right now! I honestly feel that she should be the face of the women’s division right now. Sasha definitely has the “IT” factor! She is good on the mic as a heel or a baby face! The best thing about her is that she is the type of superstar that can have an all star, hard hitting, crazy ass match, and then go walk a red carpet flawlessly!
From watching Sasha on TV, you can see her passion for wrestling, and you can see how hard she has worked to be the superstar that she is today!
For some reason when I’m watching the women wrestle on WWE, especially multi women matches, it always seems a bit clunky or botchy but (as someone who just watches at home) I feel like no matter who you put in that ring with Sasha looks great!
I really want WWE to make Sasha the Raw Woman’s Champion and let her have a long lengthy run with it! Let her run the women’s division! She deserves to have a ppv championship win and a long championship reign!
I loved her feud with Charlotte but I hated how she would win the championship on Raw and then two weeks later lose it at a ppv!
I think I’ve gushed enough about Sasha Banks but she is really one of my favorites and I want to see the best for her! Do you like her? If not, why not? If you are reading this and don’t know who Sasha Banks is then please go and educate yourself on her because she will amaze you!


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