All Eyez On Me! The Tupac movie we’ve waited for or a complete let down?


After seeing the success of Notorious I was very excited and hopeful that they would eventually make a movie on Tupac. So when I heard and saw set photos of All Eyez on Me I was very excited!
I have loved Tupac since I was way too young to be actually listening to his music, but I did!
This movie ultimately took over 6 years to actually be made. John Singleton was actually the director signed on to make the movie, but him and the studio couldn’t agree on how to portray Tupac. Tupac’s mother Afeni Shakur actually gave John her full blessing on his portrayal of what he wanted for the movie. John Singleton has still stated that he wants to make his version of a Tupac movie.
Tupac has been portrayed twice on the big screen. In 2009 Anthony Mackie played him in Notorious and recently in 2015 Marcc Rose played him in Straight Outta Compton. Both were small parts but decent.
All Eyez on Me was a good movie but wasn’t the great movie that I feel Tupac’s story really deserves. I was rooting so hard for this movie and was slightly let down.
Danai Gurira was an amazing Afeni Shakur! She definitely embodied the values and essence of Afeni. Her intensity was great!
Demetrius Shipp Jr. did a good job at playing Tupac. The only problem for me was that because he looks so much like Tupac it actually hurt his portrayal for me. He looked so much like him that it bothered me that he didn’t have the sway and charisma Tupac had. I almost wish that they got an actor that could pull off the charisma and swag more than someone that just looks like him. Demetrius did a very good job when he was performing on stage but just standing around talking it took me out.
Kat Graham was also amazing as Jada Pinkett Smith! Now I know that Jada wasn’t happy with the way her and Tupac’s relationship was written in the movie, but she did give Kat her credit which she deserves. She was a perfect Jada.
The one character that bothered me the most and almost ruins the entire movie for me was Jarrett Ellis as Snoop Dogg! He doesn’t look anything like Snoop! So badly so that I forget who the hell he is when he shows up! Now he does sound just like him but when he’s just standing there you’re sitting there like who the hell is this!
Overall the movie was good I just wanted better for Tupacs biopic! Straight Outta Compton was so good because they had the original members and people around involved in the production to make sure their stories were told and portrayed right. With Tupac who do you have that can do that now? I heard that Diddy and Suge Knight actually gave the blessing on their portrayals but we need someone close to Tupac to be involved for the next one maybe.

I give this movie a 6 out of 10. I do recommend it because it’s not horrible and I like the director, Benny Boom. What did you think about this movie? Did you like it? If you didn’t what did you not like? Leave your comments down below so we can discuss it. Thank You!


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