Why is WWE canceling Talking Smack?


I honestly think that WWE is making a big mistake by cancelling Talking Smack! This show was able to help a lot of superstars with their careers.
The Miz is the greatest example of someone that Talking Smack helped! When The Miz was on there and had that heated argument with Daniel Bryan, it put everyone’s eyes on him. Everyone was online talking about him and now his career has been on fire ever since! It seemed like people were able to be a little feee with what they wanted to say while they were guest on the show. It made all the superstars seem real not just characters.

There are so many conflicting reasons online as to why the show was cancelled but I’m sure that once they added 205 Live right after SmackDown Live instead of Talking Smack that a lot of people stopped watching it live because no one cares about the Cruiserweights right now so they don’t want to watch 205 Live and then by the time Talking Smack comes on they’re probably already over it.
I am honestly sad that they cancelled Talking Smack but, maybe with enough people complaining about it, they’ll bring it back? How do you feel about this news? Did you like Talking Smack? Did you watch it every week? Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below!


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