So MTV has a new show called SAFEWORD that aired tonight! SAFEWORD is a show that started out with the contestants swapping phones and having to tweet from each other’s accounts. Now if you don’t like what the person is about to tweet you can use your SAFEWORD to have it not get posted.Tonight’s premier episode had Damien Wayans and Kevin Hart as the contestants! Now because these two are close friends they had a segment called “Ima Let You Finish” were they each start out telling a story about the other and you can either let them finish or use your SAFEWORD. They also hooked both of them up to a lie detector and had questions asked to see if they would tell the truth. 

Terrance J is amazing as the host of this show!

At the end of the show whoever used their SAFEWORD more loses. The winner goes home with the SAFEWORD crown.

This is a very fun show and I definitely recommend everyone watch this! 


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