Bayley Bayley Bayley


What is WWE doing with Bayley?When Bayley was in NXT she was a force to be wreckoned with! Even tho she was a little bubblegum pop, she was still a beast in the ring! My favorite match, which is probably a lot of people’s favorite, is the NXT: Takeover Brooklyn Sasha Banks VS Bayley for the NXT Woman’s Championship. That match was magical! The emotion alone in that match was overwhelming! While Bayley was in NXT she had great matches with Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Ashland, and Nia Jax. Since Bayley has been on Raw I feel like they’re trying to really push the bubble gum pop aspect of her to catch the kids. In my opinion she already has the fan base and doesn’t need to act like a child. I don’t know if maybe they’re beating her character to build her back up for when they decide to have her feud with Sasha? I’m hoping that’s the case because what’s happing with her now needs to pay off somehow.

I really like Bayley and I want to see her go down as being one of the best woman in the wrestling business! What do you think about the way WWE has been using Bayley on Raw? Do you like it or are you frustrated by it? Let me know in the comments below!


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