Pretty Little Liars! Game Over!!


Okay now that I’ve had time to digest that series finale I’m ready to talk about it!Now I have been watching Pretty Little Liars since day 1, June 8th 2010! I remember seeing the commercial for the pilot and thinking wow this show looks interesting let me see what it’s about. The way the very first episode ended with Aria, Spencer, Hannah, and Emily getting a text message from A for the very first time was so intriguing! It made you have to tune in for the next week to find out what was going on with this mysterious text message and what did it mean. The biggest draw to this show was who the hell is tormenting these girls and sending them text messages ruining their lives. I remember not realizing that it was Mona until halfway thru the episode that actually revealed her which is amazing because you’re on the edge of your seat tuning in week after week because we want to know who it is! 

Then after the Mona reveal the next big thing was is Alison really dead? Then there was someone who stole the A game from Mona and now you had two mysteries to try and solve to keep you watching!I really loved the Dollhouse episodes! They were dark, twisted, and had you truly worried for the girls! Cece Drake being the big A was great and I didn’t see that one coming either. Cece’s storyline was really interesting too and I’m sure there are plenty of people out there that could relate to her story!Now I have been sooo invested into this show since day 1 and while I didn’t want the show to end I did want to get the whole story! I’m going to be completely honest and say that I was a little disappointed with the finale. I was fine with the plot twist of Spencer having a twin who was revealed to be AD but I was actually hoping that AD was someone that was around from the beginning that we never, or might have, suspected before and that they would have all these flashbacks showing you how this person has been there all along playing games! Now for everyone who was into the show for the relationships definitely should be extremely happy with the finale but I was into it for the mystery aspect so that’s why I was a little let down, but this is still going to go down as my favorite show of all time!How did you feel about the finale? Did you enjoy it or were you disappointed? Let me know down in the comments and we can discuss it!


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