My favorite Pretty Little Liars Episodes!


So now that Pretty Little Liars is over here are a few of my favorite episodes. Now these aren’t in order by my favorite episode or anything like that I’m just going to put them in order by season and episode. I obviously have to have the pilot episode up here. It was the episode that kicked it all off and got me hooked right from the start! This episode gave us the story of these girls and mystery of what was going on!Season 3 Episode 12: The Lady Killer. This episode is one of my favorites because I feel like in this episode that the girls all really showed off the acting chops with their emotions. This episode revealed that Maya wasn’t killed by A and that her “cousin” Nate wasn’t actually who is said he was and is actually the one that killed her! Then Caleb getting shot at the end and seeing Hannah’s reaction was amazing!Season 3 Epsiode 13: This is a Dark Ride. I absolutely loved this episode! Now I absolutely loved this episode! For one I love Halloween and in this episode the girls were on a Halloween train where Adam Lambert was signing! Also this episode shocked me by showing the death of Garrett! Oh and I LOVED the girls costumes!Season 4 Episode 13: Grave New World. I really liked this episode for a few different reasons. This episode revealed so many things and shocked the entire world! This episode took us out of Rosewood and into Ravenswood. We also got confirmation that Alison was actually alive! The biggest thing to happen in this episode tho was  knowing that someone was stalking the girls and the guy turn around and it be Ezra! I remember being so mad but at the same time so shocked and in denial, like how could he do this to Aria! I think this one might be my favorite because of that reveal!Season 4 Episode 19: Shadow Play. To simply put, I loved this episode just because it was a black and white noire episode. It was different and amazing plan and simple!Season 5 Episode 13: How The A Stole Christmas. Another simple one Ghost Mona and the guys and Paige in their Christmas boxers! Season 5 Episode 25: Welcome to the Dollhouse. This episode was great! We found out that Mona wasn’t dead and that the girls were locked up in this crazy Dollhouse and being treated as human dolls. Everything about the Dollhouse episodes are great!Season 6 Episode 10: Game Over, Charles: In this episode you find out that Cece Drake was the one that stole Mona’s game and was behind the girls being locked away in the Dollhouse. We also got the back story of Cece being born as Charles Dilaurentis and becoming Cece Drake. 

It’s safe to say that now after the show is done, all of the girls got their happy ending!

  • Emily and Alison ended up together and have a family of their own.
  • Aria and Ezra got married!
  • Hannah and Caleb got married and are starting their own family
  • Mona got her happy ending by winning the game!

These are my favorite episodes from Pretty Little Liars. What are your favorite episodes and why? I’d love to discuss it. Please leave a comment down below so that we can see if we have any of the same favorite episodes! 


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