First EVER Woman’s MITB Ladder Match! Step forward or back?


Honestly I’m not mad at the first ever Woman’s Money In The Bank ladder match. I predicted that Carmella was going to win and that James Ellsworth was some how going to be involved in her winning.

I do however understand why people were upset that they were promoting the hell out of this match and hyping it up as the first ever Woman’s MITB ladder match just to have a man pull down the briefcase. What people need to remember is that she’s a heel she’s supposed to cheat to win. I do wonder if WWE had it planned all along to get heat on Carmella and Ellsworth to  then redo the match on SmackDown Live for ratings or if they’re redoing the match because the heat was on the company and not Carmella or Ellsworth.

Overall the match was okay but I felt like the woman weren’t allowed to really go all out and have a great ladder match. I’m sure none of these woman wanted to play it safe but that’s how it felt! Especially after watching the men ladder match later on that night! To me it didn’t feel like the woman were willing to put their bodies on the line for that briefcase. Well I’m hoping that WWE redeems itself on Tuesday with the MITB rematch! I also hope that Carmella somehow gets the win again. I think after her promo last Tuesday that she is the perfect person to Ms. Money In The Bank! I also hope that they split her and Ellsworth soon because I feel like he is ruining her character. 

Let me know what you thought in the comments down below. Were you mad about the ending of that match? How did you think the match was overall and what do you expect to see on Tuesday?


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