Fantasy Booking the Balór Club!!!


Hopefully one day the WWE will create their own version of the Bullet Club with the man who created it Fergal Devitt aka Finn Balór.If I was going to make Balór Club I would recruit

  • Luke Gallows
  • Karl Anderson
  • Noam Dar
  • Jordan Delvin

The reason I chose these men is because it would be an easy story to tell.Like Gallows and Karl Anderson would obviously team up with Finn because of their history together in the Bullet Club.Noam Dar and Finn are friends and real life and have been friends for years.Jordan Delvin was in the U.K. tournament and the commentators mentioned that he was trained by Finn and idolized him.Now one of the ways I can see this happening is if Finn wants to get back his Universal Championship and goes after Brock Lesnar. We all know that Brock is a beast, and even though Finn has the demon he’s going to need help to defeat Brock. That’s where Anderson and Gallows would step up and tell Finn that they’ll help him if he needs it. I would have Finn win the title from Brock with the assist from Gallows and Anderson. I would also have Gallows and Anderson defeat whoever is the Tag Team champs at the time leaving all 3 members of the Balór Club having titles.Now down in the Cruiserweight division I would have Noam Dar constantly taking a loss after loss after loss. I would have Finn come up to him and offer him some assistance from the Balór Club to help him achieve the Cruiserweight Championship.

Then you would have a scenario where now all 4 members of the Balór Club have gold and are just tearing through the Raw roster. While all that is going on I would have AJ Styles on Talking Smack constantly taking little subliminal jabs at Finn and the Balór Club. At SummerSlam I would have AJ tell Gallows and Anderson that he doesn’t like the way that they’ve been acting running behind Finn, and I would maybe have a mini altercation (not necessarily a physical one) happen between AJ and Finn. After SummerSlam I would have another Superstar Shake up and have Gallows and Anderson get drafted to SmackDown Live where they reunite with AJ Styles. That would make Finn furious and have the Demon Balór challenge AJ and his Club to a 6 man tag at Survivor Series. That’s when Finn could bring in Jordan Delvin to be with him and Noam Dar. I would have all of this culminate into a Wrestlemania main event match against AJ Styles and Finn Balór.

I would LOVE to see this happen!! Let me know what you think. Would you want to see the Balór Club and how would you book them!


One Comment Add yours

  1. Nae says:

    I would love to see WWE do this!!! It would be amazing!!


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