Will we see The Black Order in Avengers 3 and 4?


In Marvel comics Thanos also formed a group that was called The Black Order.With Avengers Infinity War in production there have been a lot of speculation as to what the movie was going to be about, as well as what characters were going to be in it.We all have pretty much assumed that Thanos was going to get help to try and conquer the Galaxy. So that made me wonder if The Black Order was going to be in the movie. Now in the comics The Black Order consist of: 

  • Thanos – the commander
  • Corvus Glaive – Thanos’ chief negotiator 
  • Ebony Maw – took control of Doctor Strange
  • Black Dwarf – attacked Wakanda
  • Proxima Midnight – conquered Atlantis
  • Super Giant – helped take down the X-Men

Now Super Giant must belong to fox and the MCU hasn’t introduced Atlantis so I would assume that Super Giant and Proxima Midnight wouldn’t be in the MCU version of The Black Order. Honestly I wouldn’t use any of those comic book characters in the MCU version. 

  • Instead of Corvus Glaive I would use either Loki or Red Skull. 
  • Instead of Ebony Maw I would use Mordo.
  • I don’t know how black panther is going to go so I’ll leave Black Dwarf because we might see him before Infinity War.
  • Instead of Proxima Midnight you could just use Hela. We’ve already seen in the Thor Ragnarok that she destroys Asgard. So you’d replace Atlantis with Asgard.

What are your thoughts on if we will see The Black Order in the upcoming Avengers movies? 

Do you want to see The Black Order?

Leave a comment letting me know what you think. Thank you for reading.


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