La La Land

La La Land is definitely a magical movie!! I loved all the music and dancing! I must say though that I thought I would love it more. It’s one of my top films but I wouldn’t put it at number one.The opening number is amazing! They mixed ballet, jazz, hip hop, tap, baton twirling and skateboarding all into the opening number. It was fantastic!Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling have amazing chemistry together! This movie is a wonderful story of a struggling actress and a struggling musician trying to make something of their lives in Hollywood! It’s brilliantly told and Mandy Moores choreography is breathtaking! When I heard that she was the choreographer I was excited because I love the dances she creates on So You Think You Can Dance! I’ve never known her to choreograph tap but she is the only choreographer I see listed for this film! I definitely recommend this film for everyone to see, even if you’re not into musicals! It’s a beautiful story! I would give this movie and 8.5 out of 10!


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