Netflix’s The Crown review

I just finished watching the The Crown, and I must say that I am thoroughly enjoying it. I thought that a show like this would have really dull and slow moments, but watching 10 episodes felt like I only watched maybe 5 or 6.Jared Harris does an incredible job at playing King George VI. He portrays the king as a kind father and fearless leader. The only thing that I was a little baffled by was the stutter. I feel like in The Kings Speech they portrayed King George VI as having a more prominent speech impediment. Claire Foy and Matt Smith are also great at playing Queen Elizabeth II and Philip Duke of Edinburgh. In the first 5 episodes you see Philip struggling with being the husband to the Queen of England. He feels that everything has been taken from him for The Crown, his job, his home, and his wife. I’m interested in seeing how he does come to terms with it. John Lithgow is a great Winston Churchill. From what I have seen of him portrayed in these episodes, he definitely was too old and stuck in his way to be Prime Minister. He should’ve stepped down.This series has mad me feel bad for Edward the Duke of Windsor. He chose love over the crown and was basically exiled from the family for it. Queen Elizabeth, The Mother, was so cruel to him. She unfairly blamed him for her husbands death.I definitely recommend this for anyone who is interested in the royal family. I wonder if anyone in the royal family has seen any of this series. I know that they know about it because Claire Foy and Matt Smith did and interview on The Graham Norton show and said that they introduced themselves, at a gathering at Buckinghan Palace, to Prince William and Prince Harry. 

Let me know if you like this series.


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