My favorite WWE moments of 2016

2016 brought us a lot o changes within the WWE. We saw lots of debuts, lost quite a bit of superstars, saw the return of a ton of injured superstars, the draft got brought back, saw the divas become superstars, and revolutionize the women’s division. 

I’m not going to put these moments in order of my favorite but instead by the date that they happened.January 24, 2016 we saw the debut of The Phenomenal One AJ Styles at the 2016 Royal Rumble. Now there was all this leaked news of WWE signing a few of NJPW talents but no one New when they would be making their WWE debuts. When the timer finished counted down for the superstar entering at number 3, everyone was looking around like, “who’s music is this” then the screen said The Phenomenal One and the crowd errupted! When AJ Styles finally came out the crowd went bananas because they had been wanting AJ back in the WWE for years and now they finally got it! And he has had a Phenomenal year!February 22, 2016 was the night when MY dream had come true! I have been saying for years that Shane McMahon needs to come back! On Monday February 22nd I was watching Raw with my kids and all of a sudden I hear the song “Here Comes The Money” and I lost it!! The Detroit crowd was amazing! The roof blew off that place. No one thought that after 6 years we would see the return of Shane O’Mac! It was awesome to see that happen!May 22, 2016 was the night of the Extreme Rules PPV and at the end of the night we got the return of THE MAN Seth Rollins! Seth was out for 7 months due to an injury and the WWE universe quickly realized how much they needed The Architect back. Seth was welcomed with cheers of joy when he came running down that ramp and pedigreed Roman Reigns to declare that he was back to get the title that he never lost. July 19, 2016 was the night of the Raw/Smackdown Draft. The one that I had been waiting to see get brought up to the main roster got drafted to Monday Night Raw and that was Finn Bálor! I have been watchin Finn’s matches in NXT and I could wait to see him on the main roster. Now we just need him to return so he can fight Undertaker before he retires. That’s one of my dream matches.July 25, 2016 I cried watching Sasha Banks defeat Charlotte to win the WWE Woman’s Championship! This was her first time winning a championship since she was called up to the main roster. She is one of my favorite wrestlers. Her passion and hard work is something to admire. She has so much love for the wrestling business and she wants to be the best. I believe that she will go down as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. August 10, 2016 was the night I watched the Cruiserweight Classic and fell in love with Cedric Alexander. His match against Kota Ibushi that night was off the charts! It was hard hitting and so entertaining. I wish that Cedric would’ve won but I am happy with where he has gone since then.October 30, 2016 the night that Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair made history! They were the first women to have a Hell in a Cell match and also the first women to main event a PPV. The best thing about it is that they earned those spots. They weren’t given a Hell in a Cell match as a gimmick, they earned the right to be in that Cell! November 28, 2016 Sasha and Charlotte one again put on a 5 star match. On this night they main evented Raw again and had a No DQ, No Count Out, Falls Count Anywhere match, and tore the house down! There’s not much I can say about this match because it left me speechless!Now this isn’t a huge moment but on the December 20, 2016 edition of SmackDown Live, we saw Renee Young smack the SHIT out of The Miz for bringing up Renee’s relationship with Dean Ambrose on camera in the ring. Now I have been waiting forever for WWE to acknowledge their relationship on screen and maybe use it in a storyline. Once Renee and Dean joined Total Divas I was wondering if they would finally do it and they did. Finally last but not least….on the last SmackDown Live of the year, December 27th, we saw American Alpha win the SmackDown Live Tag Team Championship! I was so happy for them and I didn’t see that coming. Not yet at least. I hope they get a nice long lengthy reign.

Well that’s my list of my favorite WWE moments in 2016. What were yours?


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