A Title WWE should bring back!!

I would personally love to see WWE bring back the Hardcore Championship belt!I feel like WWE is missing it’s hardcore edge. I know that WWE is PG now but still they can do hardcore matches, more no DQ and Falls Count Anywhere matches. Bringing back the Hardcore Championship belt would be perfect to give raw, smackdown, or both a little more edge. It would also give some comedic relief with the 24/7 rule.The Hardcore Championship was first established on November 2, 1988. Mankind was the inaugural champion because of his reputation for being an hardcore wrestler. The belt was first at first more of a gag but became more serious with its popularity with fans. There was a rumor that the smashed up Hardcore belt was actually the WWF World Heavyweight belt that Mr. perfect stole from Hulk Hogan and smashed during an interview with a hammer.When Crash Holley became champion he introduced a 24/7 rule were as long as someone had a   refere present they could challenge the champion anywhere (ex. airport, grocery store, hotel room) in the world. Also anyone could go for the belt, young, old, male or female.Big Boss Man was the longest reigning champion with 154 days and Terri Runnels had the shortest reign with 9 seconds. At Wrestlemania Edge and Mankind both declared themselves as a Hardcore Champion duo. RVD was the last Hardcore Champion when he unified the belt with the Intercontinental Championship in 2002. The biggest problem with this title is that it can get played out really quickly with too many title changes so WWE would need to be careful with that.

I would really love for WWE to bring this belt back. Imagine, let’s say Sami Zayn is the Hardcore Champion, he’s walking through the airport and all of a sudden Sasha Banks comes out of nowhere on a luggage cart with a ref, knocks Sami down and pins him to become the new Hardcore Champion! I think scenarios like this would add so much entertainment to the product.

Are there any Championship that you think WWE should bring back?  


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