My Favorite Comic Book Villain!!

I know most people when you ask them whose their favorite comic book villain they would say The Joker, Loki, or Darth Vador. My favorite comic book villain hasn’t been adapted into live action yet. Now I do love the way The Joker and Loki have been portrayed on the big screen but my favorite villain is Arcade. Now I know most people don’t know who Arcade is and if you saw a picture of him you would assume that he is Marvels version of The Joker but he is very interesting.There actually are quite a bit of similarity between Arcade and The Joker. No one knows either one of their real names, their origin stories have changes multiple times, they both use amusement parks to trap villains, and they look very similar.The origin of Arcade that I believe they would use in live action is that he was a spoiled trust fund baby whose father ends up cutting off. Now even though he was spoiled he was a engineering genius! Arcade ended up becoming a very good and expensive assassin. He started charging people $1 million per hit! He killed his father and inherited his billion dollar fortune. Once he inherited his fathers fortune he bought an old amusement park and turned it into MurderWorld. He loved to trick and trap superheroes in their to kill them. He always made sure with every trap that there was a chance that they could escape but it was very hard. For him that made the killings even more fun because there was always a chance that they could’ve escaped.Now I don’t know who owns the rights for him to be put into a Netflix series or on the big screen. The first superheroes he battled were Spider-Man and Captain Britain so maybe Marvel owns him. He’s had most of his runs with the X-Men so idk if fox owns him. I would honestly love to see him with the defenders on Netflix. He could be in maybe a 2-4 part episode were he has the defenders trapped in his MurderWorld and is toying with them like Jigsaw in the Saw franchise. I would love it if Cameron Monaghan could play him but he’s playing Jerome on Gotham.The reason why I love Arcade is because he’s very interesting he’s like the Joker but a little more sane. He also doesn’t discriminate against Heroe/Villain he even tormented Green Goblin and Dr. Doom in his Murderworld. I would love to see him done in life action.

Are there any villains or heroes that you want to see done live action. DC or Marvel? I would love to hear people’s ideas.


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  1. Nae says:

    I’ve never heard of him before!


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