Empire Winter Finale Review (spoilers)

This is my review of Empire Episode 309: A Furnace for your Foe.Empire has been a huge hit on fox! I personally loved season 1. It was a fresh new show that was edgy, hip, and culturally correct for its time. When season 2 came along I felt like the show was a little all over the place. By the finale of season 2 I felt like they were bringing the show back around. (I wrote a review for episode 217. You can go view it here on my site.) I have been really enjoying season 3 so with that being said let me start this review on the winter finale.In this season we have seen Jamal having a hard time with PTSD from being shot. As a result of that he hasn’t been able to successfully get back on stage in front of an audience and perform. Lucious has been being such an ass to Jamal about not being able to hop right back on stage. In this episode I can’t figure out why Lucious is being like that towards him. It seems to mean for it to just be tough love, but if Jamal isn’t making music and performing than that’s money out of Lucious’s pocket so you would think he’d be encouraging him. I’m glad they got him in the end to go to rehab. Lucious needs to be worrying about the Feds trying to take him down. Is he that cocky that he’s just not worried at lol anymore? Or does he think that he’s that much smarter that he’ll always be two steps ahead?In the last episode Shyne recorded Freda Gatz performance where she is talking about her fathers death and not trusting the Lyon family. In this episode we found out that Shyne sent it to Tariq. I don’t get what Shyne is trying to do. Lucious gave him a job at Empire and signed Vanessa, so if Lucious goes to jail what does he think will happen? With that being said I don’t get Tariq’s hate towards Lucious. Is he jealous because he didn’t get to know his father the way Lucious did because he doesn’t seem to be envious of Lucious’s life. I don’t really get it. I feel like him pushing on building a case on Lucious is going to somehow blow up in his face. Now that Lucious went down to the prescient and let it be known that they’re brothers, isn’t it going to be a conflict of interest for Tariq to be pursuing him?I love Angelo! I think he is the perfect yin to Cookies Yang! I’m not feeling his mother Diana at all. In a previous episode she was telling Cookie about how her family came from nothing but she just acts like a snobby bitch! I can’t believe she asked Lucious for help and then tried to play him. Even though she did him wrong by not holding up her end of the bargain, Lucious just did them so damn dirty by bringing in the reporter at the end of the benefit to confront Angelo about his DUI that caused a girls death.

So far all in all I’m feeling this season. I’m curious as to what’s going to happen with Jamal in rehab. Are they going to keep it secret? What’s Tariq gonna do now that everyone knows Lucious is his brother and with Shyne no longer helping him? How is the news about Angelos past going to affect his career endevours and his relationship with Cookie? 

Let me know what you thought about not only this episode but Empire as a whole. I would like to know how everyone else felt.


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  1. Miriam says:

    Very energetic article, I loved that a lot. Will there be a part 2?


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