Philando Castile

This photo is over 20 years old! Why is it that it’s still relevant today?🤔
How many times are we going to repeat this cycle?? How many protest and marches do we have hold before there is a change?

Philando is the second black man killed by police this week! Within two days, two black men have been shot and killed by police! Philando was a 32 year old cafeteria supervisor at J.J. Hill Montessori school. Philando, his girlfriend Diamond and her 4 year old daughter got pulled over by police for a “broken tail light” Wednesday afternoon after returning home from grocery shopping. The officer asked Philando for his license and registration. Now according to the reports while Philando was getting his wallet he let the officer know that he had a concealed weapon and that he also had his license for the firearm. I guess that upon Philando telling him that he felt “scared for his life” and shot Philando 4 times. 

It’s so sad that this is true!

Now mind you there was a 4 year old sitting in the BACKSEAT!! What if one of those bullets would’ve hit her! Philando’s girlfriend got onto Facebook Live from her phone to record everything that was going on to let the world see the injustice that was going on! The part that bothers me the most by this whole thing is that the officer didn’t even try to save his life! He didn’t check his pulse to see if he was alive, he didn’t pull him out and try to perform CPR. He just stood there with his gun out and let him die like he wasn’t worth saving!

I just don’t understand this! I feel like I keep repeating myself. Why is this okay? We shouldn’t have to live our lives in fear of the people that are supposed to protect us. I don’t have much more to say about these horrific tragedies but here are a few tweets that people have been tweeting out. 


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