My love for the Halloween (Mike Myers) movies.

As a kid I did not like scary movies. I was very easily scared. I used to watch Goosebumps and Are You Afraid Of The Dark, which were pretty scary, but they were shows for kids. 

While I got older I watched The Sixth Sense and Freddy vs Jason which started to peak my interest into scary movies. After watching Freddy vs Jason I watched Halloween H2O and that started my love of Mike Myers. I went back and started the Halloween movies from the beginning. I love the original set of movies (except for Halloween III: Season of the witch). I loved the mystery of Mike Myers and trying to figure out why he has something supernatural about him. In Halloween Resurrction they tried to give a little more of a back story of child abuse to explain why he started killing but it didn’t fully link up with the rest of the story. The Rob Zombie remakes tried to hard to make sense of Mike Myers and it took away the mystery of him.  

I heard that they are going to be remaking the original stories of Halloween and that John Carpenter is involved with these remakes, which makes me very happy! With these remakes I do want them to keep the mystery of Mike Myers like they did in the original moves but at the same time I would like them to explain more about his sister Laurie. I would like to know where was she during the murder of her sister and was that memory she had in Halloween II of her visiting Mike Myers an actual memory. 

Now I have shared my love of Halloween with my children and they also love it. 
This is my son and daughter with their Mike Myers mask.


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