What is a Soulmate and do they exist?

The definition of a soulmate is a person with whom one has a feeling of deep or natural affinity.

  • Spirituality 
  • Comparability
  • Love
  • Romance
  • Comfort
  • Intimacy
  • Sexuality
  • Sexual Activity

There are plenty of different stories and theories on what a soulmate is and where the term came from.

The Symposium

The Symposium by philosopher Plato is a story of Aristophanes, which, states that humans originally had 4 arms, 4 legs, and one leg with 2 faces. There were men, females, and androgynous. Angrogynous are humans with both male and female parts. In the Symposium they believed that the men were children of the sun, woman were the children of the earth, and androgynous were children of the moon. These humans had great strength and threatened to conquer the gods. Zeus then decided to split the humans in half, leaving them to long for something that was missing. They didn’t quite know what they were missing until they found their other half. That’s when they finally felt whole again.


Theosophy which was modified by Edgar Cayce has a theory that God created androgynous souls. Androgynous souls are souls that are both male and female. Within these theories people believe that God eventually split the souls. Some of the souls he split were because of karma reasons and some he just split. So within this theory it’s believed that after many reincarnations these split souls searched for each other and will finally find each other once their karmic debt is purged and they will be together again.


The Jewish believe in Bashert, which is Yiddish for destiny. They believe that marriages are made in Heaven and that you are destined to be together before birth and will find each other. 

Currently people believe that everyone has a soulmate and will eventually find that one person that they are destined to be with. A lot of psychologist believe that the theory of a soulmate is unrealistic.

Now with all that being said I don’t know if I believe in a “soulmate.” I definitely believe that every person in your life was sent there to help you grow as a person and teach you different things in life. They say that when you find your soulmate you just automatically know so I guess I’m still waiting for mine. I will let you guys know if I find my soulmate!


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