June 22nd Democratic Sit In

It is 1:30 in the morning and I am up watching this Demacratic Sit In! As I watch this I just can’t seem to wrap my head around this!

For one I don’t understand how any human being thinks that it’s a problem to put a ban on the purchasing of assault rifles! I also am flabbergasted that were not all in unison on the issue of no fly no buy! There shouldn’t even be a discussion! It’s common sense! You would think that after 20 CHILDREN were gunned down in cold blood that that would definitely wake people up! The fact that that happened 4 years ago and we’re still debating these issues is an insult to those families that lost CHILDREN (ELEMENTARY SCHOOL CHILDREN!) Now we’ve had the most deadly mass shooting in American history and we STILL can’t get this right! It’s a damn shame!

I’ve been watching CNN and some of these republicans up there are really pissing me off! And I want to believe that not all the republicans feel this way, but I have been watching a few republicans get on tv and say that this sit in is a publicity stunt and not how the rules work!! One republican said “all the mass shootings have happened in non gun areas, we need more security” ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! So stop mass shorting a by having more guns! I don’t understand this thinking!

I am so proud of the democrats that are conducting this sit in!! I have 3 children and to think that they aren’t safe anywhere is heartbreaking!! I live in Connecticut and watched the Newtown shooting happen terrified for my children! Somethings got to give!!



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