This senseless gun violence needs to STOP!! LOVEISLOVE

What happened in Orlando is tragic!! I don’t understand the hate that people have for the LGBT community and human beings in general! Why do you hate someone for loving another human being? LOVE IS LOVE! If you feel that it’s wrong or unnatural, well no one is asking you to participate in it so why do you care so much? All everyone wants is to just live their life and live in their truth! Even if you feel that it’s a sin….well let GOD judge them! Everyone has sinned in their life! You’re most likely not getting judged for yours so why judge someone else’s! If you feel like “oh they’re all going to go to hell” okay again why do you care?? 

The big question out of this tragedy is HOW THE HELL DID THIS GUY LEGALLY BUY A GUN? He was interviewed 3 time by the FBI and was supposedly on some kind “watch list!” That blows my mind and doesn’t make sense! The Government NEEDS to do something! There needs to be some kind of regulation or some sort of system connection where the computer will flag a person that has had ANY kind of FBI interaction and STOP the purchase! 

With that being said I DO NOT blame all Muslims! Every race and religion has bad seeds! You can’t blame a whole group of people! If white people were doing a bunch of mass shootings (and their have been quite a few that have done mass shootings) would we start blaming all white people?🤔 ANYWAY this needs to STOP! It’s HORRIFIC! Too many senseless acts of violence with a gun have been going on! Our Government is supposed to make us feel safe and protected but they won’t even make it more difficult for people to purchase guns! 



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