Empire episode: 217 Review

Last weeks episode ended with Lucious’s mother showing her real “batshit” crazy side!

This weeks episode started with Lucious being a very OCD micro-manager with the band.  WHY did cookie have those glasses cocked to the side like that? They looked crazy!

Leslie Uggams is doing an AMAZING job playing Leah Walker! The acting that she did with just her face alone while she was watching the Boom Boom Boom video was extraordinary! She didn’t even have to speak! You could see the betrayal on her face. Then when she showed the anger and finally did speak it was just award worthy! She was even more astonishing when she was in the panic room watching the Asa Awards! I feel like she is playing Andre like a fiddle. I’m sure she has more up her sleeve and I’m sure it will destroy Andre.

I’m feeling the relationship between Hakeem and Laura. I’m hoping that their relationship sticks. I don’t care for Hakeem and Tiana’s relationship dynamic so I would rather they keep them apart, but I have a feeling that they’re going to end up back together. Tiana is too much of a wildcard for my liking. One minute she was all about Hakeem, then she was pretty fluid with her sexuality, and now that Hakeem is taken she seems to want to be all about him again. Now I get it people miss what they can’t no longer have but she is beautiful, talented and can go out there and have whoever she wants.

After watching tonight’s episode I don’t understand Jamal and D-Majors relationship. Why would Jamal be with someone who’s in the closet (deep in the closet)? He worked so hard to come out himself.  The fight that Jamal and Lucious had was so intense! Jamal was right when he spit Lucious words about not crying and putting the pain into the music back at him. I still can’t believe that Lucious told his own son that he’ll be happy when his son dies from AIDS. There’s no coming back from that. I know you’re supposed to forgive people but I don’t know if I would be able to forgive someone if they said that to me.

Jamal getting shot at the end, for me, wasn’t that big of an reveal or shock. Once Cookie told Jamal about Freda’s father I knew that she was going to somehow find out and that someone was going to pay for it (it wasn’t going to be Lucious).

All in all this was a very good episode. I feel like the show is starting to get back to being great like it was in the first season.

So the questions I have after this episode going into next week are Did Jamal make it? What did Lucious’s mother say to the press? Are Lucious and Cookie getting back together? Are Hakeem and Laura getting married? Did Anika push Rhonda and why is she trying to jump of the ledge? I’m also curious about how Cookies sister feels after this. She has to feel horrible! It’s her fault along with Lucious!

Well guess we have to wait until next week to get these answers! Can’t wait!


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