Sasha Banks and The “Divas Revalution”

Sasha Banks is one of my favorite wrestlers right now! NOT favorite diva or female wrestler! Just favorite wrestler period! Her and Seth Rollins are my two favorites. I don’t know which one is #1 because it fluctuates between the two of them. Sasha is a good role model for girls that want to do anything that the guys can do!

Sasha’s wrestling style is great! She takes back bumps just like the men do. If you watch the divas take back bumps, they don’t hit flat back, legs up, like they got knocked down. They more so jump back so it doesn’t look as convincing. You can tell that Sasha has been training with men from the beginning because she does all the same things as they do. She is a GREAT heel, which was seen on October 7th as NXT Takeover: Respect! It reminded me of back in the day (before the attitude era even) when the heels used to really do bad guy/girl things. When Sasha got all in Izzy’s face, took the headband, went in the ring, spun around, and made fun of her was brilliant!! It reminded me of The Bad Guy, Scott Hall! It was GOLDEN! When Sasha and Bayley fight each other it is show stopping, viscous, and a masterpiece! The way they through each other into the stairs, and Sasha throwing Bayley into the monitor……ugh there aren’t enough words in the dictionary to give this match the praises it deserves! You can feel the passion that Sasha has for the business in her matches! Especially when she fights Bayley.

Now onto this “Divas Revolution”……ugh…..I’m sorry but I feel like WWE is missing the mark on this so badly! WWE is sitting on a GOLD MINE with the Women that they have! Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Paige, Nattie, Tamina, Naomi, and Becky are all AMAZING…..but I’m so tired of these 6 man tag matches! I can’t get fully invested in all these tag matches. First of all why can’t it be The Women’s Revolution instead of “Diva?” I hate the term Diva. To me when I hear the term Diva I think about the Diva’s that were in the bra and panties matches and were basically hired on their looks and not their talent. I want there to be a Womens Revolution were the Women just take over kicking and screaming and tell the men “now go out there and try to top that!!!” I really wish that WWE would start giving the Women story lines and real beefs. Paige can continue with her pipe bombs and Nattie should be the one to shut her up! I would love a rivalry between Charlotte and Naomi just because of how athletic they both are. Sasha and Nikki could have a good rivalry but I feel like the Bella Twins are overrated! I would love to see Tamina and maybe Becky have a rivalry. Now when you want to talk about WWE missing the mark on someone….well just look at what they’re doing with Tamina! Tamina is supposed to be the juggernaut of Team BAD but she is loosing every singles match that she’s in or the one getting pinned in the tag matches! That makes nooo sense! She should be the female version of what Rusev used to be. Anyway another thing that I feel is lacking in this “Diva Revalution” is that there are almost no real promos being done with the women! I don’t understand it.

Now in my list of Divas earlier I know I left a few out. I left the Bella Twins out because I’m over them to a point. I LOVE them on Total Divas but when they are in the ring speaking I don’t feel any connection to it. I don’t believe anything they are saying. It always just sounds like they are saying something that they were told to memorize. I left out Alicia Foxx because I just don’t have a connection with her at all. I don’t even really care for her. I left out Lana and Summer Rae because right now they don’t wrestle, which is fine I actually don’t mind them being used in the “manager/girlfriend” roles. That actually works for them. I must say though that I liked Lana and Rusev better together. They compliment each other so well and they seemed more powerful!

With all this being said I am pleased that WWE is trying to use the women more. Raw on October 5th had the women all over it which was great to see. It also showed that there is enough time in the program to give to the women. Whenever they used to say that there wasn’t enough time in the program to give the women more time I used to get so mad and always said that if you didn’t let John Cena talk for 25-30 minutes and then having a 20-30 minute match right after then there would be more time. We don’t need Cena on the camera for an hour!

I know that WWE is a business and needs to make money, so they promote what is going to sell them seats, but I can see Sasha Banks being on a promo poster as the MAIN EVENT for a PPV special and filling up all the seats in whatever arena it is!! I really hope that WWE doesn’t screw up and not use Sasha correctly! She has the talent to be a HUGE star! She needs to be booked a promoted correctly and she will definitely not disappoint!

Please if you feel the same way as me or even different I would like to hear your thoughts on the Diva Revolution and Sasha Banks! Please comment and share with your friends.

Thank You!


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